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Poison Ivy

I'm a HUGE Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy fan ( as we can tell by my name), I'm always cosplaying them and recreating different looks they have. When I saw the poster for Season 3 of Harley Quinn on HBO Max, I knew I had to recreate the dress Poison Ivy was wearing. It was a dress completely made out of flowers, but sadly this was the only reference I could find of it and much of the dress was hidden. However, this gave me creative freedom to design the dress based off the small amount shown. This dress ended up taking 14+ hours to complete and included over 450 flowers!!



I created this dress based off the poster for Season 3 of Harley Quinn. With little to go off of, I designed a large majority of this dress myself. I started by creating the base bodysuit and skirt, then I attached some ivy vines as a base to the floral. After that, I started hot gluing flowers until the entire dress was filled. I attached flowers to the entire underside and back of the skirt, as well as the bodysuit, using smaller roses in this area. For the straps of the dress, I glued individual ivy leaves to cover the fabric, and then placed a few small roses to tie in with the rest of the dress. For the staffs, I used pool noodles as a base and cut them up into the shape I wanted. I used a heat gun to form the different pieces of vine so they would curve the way I desired, and then covered the entire noodle in cling wrap to simulate a vine texture. I then primed the staffs, spray painted them green, and hand painted some dimensions. After completing this, I attached ivy vines but wrapping them around the staff and securing them with hot glue, and then added a few accent roses to complete the look! In total, I spent 14+ hours on this cosplay, using over 450 flowers on the dress and staffs. I'm overly happy with how this entire cosplay turned out, it is my proudest achievement thus far!

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