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All About IvieeQuinn (she/her)

Cosplayer and Creator

IvieeQuinn is a professional cosplay model based out of Michigan, but often travels around the United States for conventions, special events, collaborations, and more! Iviee is available for Modeling, Advertising, Marketing, Video, Print, Booth Attending, Cosplay Guest, Special Events, Mascot, Character Impersonation, Parties, and Photography. Visit the contact to reach out!


Iviee is a cosplayer, content creator, and self-portrait photographer! In 2019 at the age of 20, Iviee began cosplaying her favorite video game and DC characters. Shortly after opening her eyes to this new passion, she began working on her first handmade cosplay of Alfhiem Asuna from the anime Sword Art Online with the help of her grandma in preparation of her first convention AMKE. With the drive to continue crafting her art, she took to learning sewing from YouTube videos while free handing costumes. With the fundamentals of cosplay design under her belt, Iviee dove head first into foamsmithing where she created a giant Harley Quinn hammer as her first project! This experience was the start for her love to creating large and oversized props. 

Through Iviee’s short cosplay experience, she has crafted over 25 costumes, 18 of those in 2022 alone! In the same year she entered her first two competitions at Capital City Comic Con, placing third place in their late night cosplay contest as Pro Hero Pinky from My Hero Academia. This was in addition to winning the “judge’s choice” award during the handmade cosplay contest as Starfire from Teen Titans. On top of this, she has also been published in a handful of cosplay magazines. 

As Iviee has continued to express herself in the art of cosplay, she has found her niche in the area of floral designs and prop building using sewing, hot glue, and foamsmithing to hold her art and dreams together.


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